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Dear Valued Patients and Our Community,

 A partnership that will increase high quality, convenient, and affordable urgent care medicine in Brooklyn, Suffolk, and Nassau counties in Long Island, NY.

ER-DOX Urgent Care and Excel Urgent Care PLLC, announce that they have formed a joint venture to operate ER-DOX Urgent Care’s four centers in Brooklyn and Long Island, NY. These clinics provide urgent medical care and occupational medicine to hundreds of thousands of people in Suffolk and Nassau counties in Long Island, NY. ER-DOX joins with Excel and its affiliated companies in making the excel family of centers 33 strong in NY, NJ, and CT, each with its own local neighborhood focus on providing exemplary care and giving people options and choices which are counter to the current trends toward large multispecialty practice groups.

ER-DOX Urgent Care and Excel Urgent Care PLLC share a common goal to deliver exceptional urgent care medicine, a convenient and pleasurable patient experience, affordable care, access to a trusted network of follow up care, and medical services to patients who live in the local communities. By combining our strengths and best practices, we will continue to provide the high level of care you are accustomed to. In addition, we are committed to investing in our communities as we strive to improve the health and well-being of those we serve.

Excel Urgent Care, PLLC is an independently owned and operated Professional Limited Liability Corporation. ER-DOX Urgent Care is no longer part of ProHEALTH Care Associates LLP. We will continue to service the Brooklyn, Suffolk, and Nassau counties in Long Island, NY areas providing an exceptional level of care and patient satisfaction that communities have become accustomed, both before the ProHEALTH affiliation as well as during.  

Excel Urgent Care, PLLC centers and affiliates are Nationally Accredited by the UCA (Urgent Care Association of America). Meeting top tier expectations for their patients and facility standards. Excel Urgent Care, PLLC operates with AdvancedMD electronic medical record (EMR) system, which ER-DOX Urgent Care has adopted and will help to coordinate better and faster care across organizations.

ER-DOX Urgent Care and Excel Urgent Care, PLLC will continue to offer excellent medical care and patient satisfaction as you have come to expect. You will see the same friendly, caring staff members at all our facilities ready to help the urgent medical needs of our communities. We are very excited to be a part of the Excel Urgent Care, PLLC family, and look forward to providing you and your family with the medical care you need.

-Thank you

ER-DOX Urgent Care
Powered by Excel Urgent Care, PLLC